Junior Golf Camp

Teach them a lifelong sport

Learn to play golf outside, not inside on a video game

This half-day camp is designed to showcase the two elements of the short game and long game to the student. It introduces all the changes to the basics of setting up for putting, chipping, and full swings necessary to complete a sound golf shot.

This is a well- rounded introductory course for juniors. When it comes to learning the game of golf, nothing is better than learning it at a young age from a qualified, professional instructor.

Learning Etiquette & Learning to Interact with People

My goal is to teach students in a highly-supportive, non-intimidating, and most importantly, a safe environment. While I teach golf techniques and etiquette I do it in a way that lets your kids be kids, which is the most important part of it all.

Your kids might be able to compete in golf in a video game, but what about fresh air, what about learning how to interact with other people and learn how to exercise.


Regina Junior Golf Camp

  • Ages 10 to 18
  • Available to 10 students per session
  • Dates
    • June 5
    • June 12
    • June 19
    • June 26
  • Cost $150

Golf camp includes:

  • 3 hours of golf instruction
  • Lunch
  • Welcome package

Golf Camp Itinerary Registration

Welcome to Flowing Springs Golf Greens Junior Camp

  • Basics of Putting
    • Pre-shot setup basics
    • Dynamic shot basics
    • Triangle movement
    • Length + Speed = Distance
    • Effect of Slope & Grain of Putt
  • Water
  • Basics of Chipping/Pitching
    • Pre-shot setup basics
    • Dynamic shot basics
    • Air/Ground Ratio
    • Club Selection & Impact on Air/Ground Ratio
    • Length + Speed = Distance
  • Water 
  • Basics of Golf Swing
    • Pre-shot setup basics
  • Basics of Dynamic Swing
    • Take away
    • Down Swing
    • Finish Position
  • Lunch

Regina Golf Blog

Don't have time for lesson?

Check out my golf blog for tips and drills.

Golf Lesson Blog

Regina Golf Lessons

Learning golf makes your game more enjoyable. Eliminate frustration and disappointment today!

We take great pride in helping our students achieve their goals. Barry provides a number of golf lessons and clinics.

Where can I take Golf Lessons in Regina?

Barry teaches golf to all levels of golfers in Regina.

Golf Lessons are held in Spring, Summer, and Fall at Flowing Springs Golf Greens.

Winter/Indoor Golf Lessons are taught at Divots Indoor Golf.

Golf Glossary

The golf glossary used on this site is courtesy of the PGA website.


Golf Lessons Regina

To learn more about Golf Lessons in Regina, call Barry at 306 533 4803 or email Barry.

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