Think of your golf swing having 2 distinct circles.

Horizontal. That is the one your lower body makes. Weight is moved from back swing to forward swing. It literally turns with the ground as the hula hoop illustrates.

Vertical. This is the one your upper body makes. It is your swing plane.

2 distinct movements at the same time.

Too flat a swing plane in the upper body would be trying to equate upper body rotation to lower body rotation. Too upright or vertical would produce a chop down motion with little swing arc.

Most players will lead the downswing by pushing the hips to the target.  The catch phrase “swing to the target”  created a misconception the entire body was moving or pushing to the target.  NOT SO

The down swing is doing just that.  It is creating downward pressure with the ground as the back foot pushes weight from the ground to the target side of the body.

This is what rotates the lower body to create a strong target side to release the hands/arms/club to the target.  The body never went outside the hula hoop.  It never pushed to the target.  It generated energy to the ball through to the target and finish position.

The objective is to swing to the ball at 6 o’clock and then the target.  Swinging to the target ignores the ball.  The key ingredient of the swings purpose.