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Golf Workouts

If you truly want to get better at golf, it takes commitment.

Golf is a fantastic sport. Unlike most sports, it’s a game you can play into your 70’s and 80’s.

You can play alone or in groups of 2, 3 or four. There are also fun tournaments to play in as well as competitive golf tournaments.

But, to play golf in tournaments or into your twilight years, you need to improve golf knowledge, golf swing and your fitness and mind.

Golf Equipment vs Golf Lessons

To play golf, you need golf equipment. But your skill level will depend on the quality of golf equipment.

If you can afford it and are confident that you will play golf for many years then you can buy more expensive, brand-name golf clubs and balls.

But if you are just learning the game of golf and are not sure if golf is the game for you. There are less expensive options that will get you started in golf.

However, when budgeting for the game of golf, it is essential to plan for golf lessons. You can have top-of-the-line golf clubs, but if you don’t know how to hold a club properly or swing properly, it won’t matter.

Exercise, Stretching & Nutrition

Another major difference between golf and other sports is you can practice elements of your golf game at home.

There is no need to book a court, or the rink, or find 2 to 10 other people to join. You can swing a club in your backyard or garage. You can putt in your basement, bedroom or garage as well.

If you need golf training aids, you can find some locally or online.

Online Learning

I have started to post some videos below to help with other elements of your golf game. 

Golf involves the whole body and it uses muscles that you may not use in other sports or activities. So it is very important to become more flexible to prevent injuries.

Enjoy these videos and check back often for more. If there is something specific you would like to see, contact me and I will find a resource for you.

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