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Golf Strech Routines

For many, the gym is where we lift weights or work out.

And the golf course is for playing golf.


Taking 5 minutes to loosen and engage your muscles prior to a round of golf will save you immeasurable pain and injury.  You can do it waiting for the group in front of you to tee off or on the driving range prior to hitting your small basket of balls. If you just made your tee time then do it at the 2nd hole while you wait your turn. Golfers need to start making this a part of their normal practice when arriving at the golf course.

There are 7 joints in the body

  • neck
  • wrists
  • elbows
  • shoulders
  • hips
  • knees
  • and ankles.

All body areas need to be activated and engaged prior to the activity.

Virtually no one would pick up 50 lb dumbbells and start doing bench presses when they arrive at the gym. They would start by getting the blood flowing by doing some easy bike work or a couple of laps around the track to loosen the muscles. Then they would warm up the smaller muscles with some light lifts. Then they could start with heavier lifting.

The same is true for golf. We need to warm the blood by jogging on the spot for a couple of minutes followed by some easy stretches to loosen the small muscles. That is the purpose of the first group of lighter stretches to wrists, arms, shoulders. Without stretching prior to hitting a golf ball the potential for injury becomes exponential.

Also, if you read Nadine Howard’s article on hydration you will find that drinking water will lubricate or soften the muscle tissue making it easier to move with energy.

Now we are ready to warm and engage some of the big muscles. Remember the swing starts from the ground with a push and hard rotation of the hips followed by the upper body. If you haven’t stretched those big muscles the smaller ones will end up doing extra work and tire out quicker.

Do what’s Right, not what’s Easy.

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A Better Way To Warm Up before Playing Golf

Don’t Warm Up Just By Just Hitting Balls

Courtesy of  Malaska Golf

Golf Workout Videos

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Pimentel MS, CSCS, PGA, TPI | Creator of The Online Elite Golf Fitness Accelerator



Golf Stretch Video

If you have 58 seconds to watch this video … you should have 58 seconds to at least do these stretches before you play golf.

Courtesy of  Katherine Roberts

INDUSTRY LEADER – MLB, Golf, and for Athletes at all Levels – Rooted in the science of biomechanics-Functional Yoga, Pilates, and Mindset Conditioning

Katherine Roberts video is a great example of what can be accomplished in less than 1 MINUTE and have a direct impact on your golf swing and results.

Stretching the lats, glutes, hip flexors, and hamstrings is a great way to create power from the first hole rather than waiting for 4-6 holes through multiple miscues because of a lack in range of motion.

And just think. If you have 2 or 3 more minutes you can also do some of the upper body stretches to the smaller arm and shoulder muscles.

There is NO EXCUSE for not stretching prior to playing and improving your game (or should I say SCORE).

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The golf glossary used on this site is courtesy of the PGA website.