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About Barry Eisenzimmer

Barry began his professional golf career in 1992 as a member of the Canadian PGA. Retiring in 2013 from the CPGA he continues to lead an active Head Teaching Professional career at Flowing Springs Golf Course in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Barry produced and hosted a multi-faceted community golf programs focused on education, minorities, local interests, and viewpoints and has written weekly golf articles but teaching has always been at the heart of the golf world for him. Whether it is giving technical information about the golf swing or educating people on the alternative aspects of the game from budgeting, processes of learning and  time, to how shoes should be bought, whether custom clubs are needed or used balls are better than new.

  • Coached two Junior Club Champions and a Club Junior Open Champion
  • Coached two city High School Champions (male and female)
  • Coached a 2002 Men’s Club Champion
  • Coached two entrants to qualify at the entry level of the Canadian PGA
  • Instructed many members to career rounds
  • CTM – Toastmasters International
  • Public speaking seminars on Golf/Business
  • Host for “Talk of the Town”
  • Host/producer for “Golfin’ Around”
  • Operating Partner of nine hole resort golf facility
  • Certified CPR/First Aid (2005)

Golf Lessons Regina

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