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Private Golf Lessons Regina

One-On-One Golf Instruction

Frustrated with your golf game? Too many 3 putts. Skull your chip shots? Having trouble hitting a drive into the fairway? Trouble adding the score? Don’t want to even keep score?

There are many reasons why a golfer may want private golf lessons. Book a Regina Adult Private Golf Lesson.

  • Just starting to learn golf
  • Want to take your game up to the next level
  • Golf instruction for a particular shot or golf club
  • Golf evaluation

Whatever the reason, golf lessons will help improve your game from 100 or more to the 90’s, 80’s or even 70’s?

People think Golf is an easy sport to play, doesn’t require practice or instruction.  Reality is, virtually no one can play any sport without even the barest minimum of instruction.  We all had some level of instruction or coaching as kids.  As adults we gloss over that fact.

Just because it is not a team sport doesn’t mean you can ignore How-To Instruction in Golf.  While it is an individual sport……it is played with other individuals.  What you own is YOU.  Your swing, score, attitude, ability.

You don’t need golf lessons for the rest of your life. But a handful will improve and add enjoyment to your game. You may be happy with how you play golf, but have difficulty putting, chipping from the fringe of the green, or hitting your driver accurately and with distance.

A golf lesson, one-on-one or in a group, will help. I will open your eyes to how good you can be.

Invest in Golf Lessons, Not Golf Equipment

Good golf equipment can’t fix a Bad Swing!  People go the golf range for 2 reasons:  entertainment or practice!

Practice means you are searching for some sort of improvement in your golf game. “I don’t want to take lessons because it will change my swing” is simply admitting you really don’t want to get better and should be content with the results you produce.  Self-analysis is a recipe for failure or a very long learning  curve. Lessons won’t make you a golf Pro.  They’ll just make you a better golfer!

Start by saving money on Golf?    Buy cheaper balls until you have a better swing!   Then buy better performance golf balls.

  • Guarantee better results
  • Expect better results!
  • Deliver better results!

Regina Adult Private Golf Lessons

1 Hour Golf Lessons

  • 1 Golf Lesson – $95
  • 3 Golf Lessons – $275
  • 5 Golf Lessons – $450

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