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Playing golf is more than swinging a golf club. Golf is an opportunity to get outside, enjoy some time away from the computer or phone. Spend time with friends or family.

How many times have you said to yourself or others, that I wasted the day away? Yes, golf takes about 4 to 5 hours to play. But how long do you spend on Facebook? Watching TV?

Don’t get me wrong, golf is not for everyone. But if you play softball, hockey, basketball, rugby. Those sports are more difficult to play when you get older and you tend to need a lot more people to coordinate with to play.

Odd facts about playing golf

  • The lower your golf score the better
  • The higher numbered club you use, the shorter the golf ball flight is
  • The better you are at golf, the less it costs
  • It can take you 2 or 3 strokes to travel 400 yards, but 2 or 3 strokes (putting) to travel the last 10 yards
  • Golfers will spend more on new equipment than take golf lessons
  • You don’t have to be good at golf (but it is better) to enjoy playing golf
  • The average golfer does not score less than 100

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golf lessons near me

Golf Lessons Near Me

Use the form below to contact me regarding golf lessons or call me at 306 533 4803.

Please leave a message if I don’t answer, I might be in the middle of a lesson and it’s all about concentration ;-).

My golf clinics and lessons are normally provided at Flowing Springs Golf Greens. The golf course is located just 10 minutes northwest of Regina on highway 11 and left on highway 734.

Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Flowing Springs Golf Greens
18 Holes Championship Golf
Driving Range & Putting Green

Regina Golf Lessons

Learning golf makes your game more enjoyable. Eliminate frustration and disappointment today!

We take great pride in helping our students achieve their goals. Barry provides a number of golf lessons and clinics.

Where can I take Golf Lessons in Regina?

Barry teaches golf to all levels of golfers in Regina.

Golf Lessons are held in Spring, Summer, and Fall at Flowing Springs Golf Greens.

Winter/Indoor Golf Lessons are taught at Divots Indoor Golf.

Golf Glossary

The golf glossary used on this site is courtesy of the PGA website.


Golf Lessons Regina

To learn more about Golf Lessons in Regina, call Barry at 306 533 4803 or email Barry.

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