Indoor Golf Lessons Regina

Have golf swing problems?  Fix them now!  Not when you want to play golf.

Golf lessons indoors will provide a faster learning environment

Taking Indoor golf lessons offers many advantages to golfers of all levels. Also, indoor golf instruction provides privacy and discretion in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment.

Golfers who compete at high levels recommend maintaining a consistent, year-round practice schedule. to avoid slumps and muscle memory loss.

Indoor golf lessons provide immediate feedback

Regina Indoor Golf LessonsThe benefits of indoor golf facilities are the use of ball flight data and video swing analysis software. The visual image of the ball on the screen is no different from how ball flight looks outside.

The indoor learning experience in a private setting provides an atmosphere that encourages. Indoor lessons also remove the intimidation factor. As well as the anxiety associated with learning something new. An indoor golf booth allows privacy from learning to golf in the presence of others.

As a result, indoor golf lessons also encourage students to focus on the dynamics of the golf swing. Rather than the outcome. While taking a golf lesson, it is more important to concentrate on the golf swing process than the result.

Learning golf indoors helps develop a fundamentally good swing.

How much do Indoor Golf Lessons Cost?

I teach indoor golf lessons out of Divots Indoor Golf. Located in northwest Regina. These indoor golf lessons are available on Sunday’s only.  Hours available to book indoor golf lessons are between  2:00 pm & 8:00 pm on Sunday

  • 1 Indoor Golf Lesson |  $95
  • 3 Indoor Golf Lessons | $275
  • 5 Indoor Golf Lessons | $475
Indoor Golf Lessons must be booked 1 week in advance
    Golf Lessons Regina

    See your swing as it changes.

    Change club head speed

    Increase golf ball distance

    Compare results every lesson