Adult Mixed Group Golf Lessons Regina

It's never to late to start golf lessons

Adult Group Golf Lessons

Introducing the game of golf to beginners

Learn to play golf in a group environment

Have you always wanted to learn to play golf but are a little shy to try? Do you have 5 friends on Facebook you can convince to also learn golf? How about a group golf lesson?

Golf is typically played with 2, 3 or 4 people in one group. You can play alone, but golf courses tend to put single golfers and groups of 2 together with other groups of 2 or 3 golfers to make a foursome for each tee time they have.

If you have never really golfed a full round before, you don’t know what you are missing. Golf is such a rewarding sport. Not to mention you are out of the house, out of the office and outside in (typically) beautiful weather.

Enjoying the company of friends and getting exercise. Yes, exercise. Especially if you walk the golf course. But after a round of golf, you will be aware of muscles you haven’t used in a while.

Golf Lessons Regina

Group Golf Lessons Regina

Just like playing golf, practicing or learning the game of golf is more fun with more people. My group golf lessons are to help people who are interested in learning the basics of golf and to get outdoors with friends or make new friends. The group Introductory golf lessons are ideal for novices or those who have never taken a golf lesson or swung a club. The group golf lesson Includes:

  • putting
  • chipping
  • pitching
  • and the full golf swing

The group lesson goal is part of a progressive strategy to build swing and confidence and educate about the game of golf.

Believe it or not, golf is as much about knowledge and confidence as is it about the proper swing and course/hole management.

The group golf lesson Includes four, 1-hour golf lessons COST: $125 per person. Limit 6 per class


  • May   9-12
  • May 16-19
  • May 24-27
  • May 30-June 2


  • June   6-9
  • June 13-16


  • 6:00-7:00 pm
  • 7:00-8:00 pm


  • clubs (full set if you have OR putter, 7 & 9 iron, 1, 3 or 5 metal/wood).
    • The first golf lesson requires only the putter.
    • Lesson 2 you will need a putter, 7 iron and 9 iron (if you are missing either of these, substitute another club – 6 for a 7/pitching wedge for a 9 iron). If you have no clubs I will supply you with the proper equipment.
    • The third lesson is a putter, 7 iron, 9 iron, 3 or 5 wood (don’t have either then just bring an iron)
    • The last lesson will be with the driver.
  • bug spray
  • runners are fine for footwear
  • rainwear (keep it in the car)
  • hat for shade (preference is for one that covers the ears
  • glove (optional)


  • water
  • practice balls
  • instructional tools
  • tees
  • equipment if needed

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Regina Golf Lessons

Learning golf makes your game more enjoyable. Eliminate frustration and disappointment today!

We take great pride in helping our students achieve their goals. Barry provides a number of golf lessons and clinics.

Where can I take Golf Lessons in Regina?

Barry teaches golf to all levels of golfers in Regina.

Golf Lessons are held in Spring, Summer, and Fall at Flowing Springs Golf Greens.

Winter/Indoor Golf Lessons are taught at Divots Indoor Golf.

Golf Glossary

The golf glossary used on this site is courtesy of the PGA website.


Golf Lessons Regina

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