Golfers try to force or manipulate the head of the golf club into a hitting position with the golf ball.  That forces the shaft and head of the golf club to release away from the body on the trail side (toward the hula hoops in the background).

The player is trying to square the club face to the ball from way behind the ball and drag it way in front of the ball with the notion that will hit the ball straight.

That doesn’t happen.


Look at the 2 pictures.  Picture on the right is the position of the trail arm and hand just prior to impact.   Looking straight down you can’t see the palm and the underside of the forearm is turned downward and toward the body.  BAD!



Picture on the left is exact opposite.  The palm and underside of the forearm are visible when viewed straight down.  An inside swing path rather than over the top swing path (flying shoulder or club).  The trail bicep is closer to the body in photo 1 than in 2 giving a tight,  controlled swing path.  No FREE FLOATING of arms/hands/club.  GOOD!

Simple thought:  The hand always hits the ball.

Think of yourself at address with your arms/hands beside you.  Roll the ball forward with your trail hand by……………

1     sticking your trail hand straight out in front of you and then down the line (alignment rod) to push if forward, or

2     pulling your arm/hand directly from its resting position to the ball to roll it forward.

That’s the difference in these two down swing positions.