There is enough information and gadgetry in the marketplace today to educate, confuse and sell the consumer to fill a football field. With it are the dreams and expectations of game improvement, lower scoring, longer drives, and fewer putts. While never being a strong advocate for gadgets there are some that have some benefits if instructed and used in the proper way.

The “Inside Approach” is a useful tool that primarily attempts to teach the person to swing more from the inside. Since the most common error of  golfers is the exact opposite,  this mechanism transfers immediate feedback because of the radical change in swing path to reach the ball which sits directly under the soft cushion arm. Any attempt to swing the club from out to in will displace the arm from its clip attachment.

It also provides a ball location in your setup by the marking on the target arm and the stabilizer bar for the target arm. This gives important feedback for shaft lean in your address position which is usually the position you will return to at the impact point. The target arm also serves as an alignment tool at address since the target arm bar can be aimed right at your intended target. It is easy to see how this one piece of equipment can help create better discipline in the setup process and create better positioning of body, club, and ball while forcing the swing to adapt to an inside approach in the downswing. This will also start to encourage better foot and leg action during backswing and downswing. The tendency for out to in swings is the leg action projects out to the ball rather than down the line because the shoulders/arms/hands want to reach out to the ball. The Inside Approach promotes more down the line movement over the ball, rather than out or past the ball.

The Inside Approach can be used by right or left handed golfers, comes with a carry sack, is easy to set up, is stable in windy conditions, and can be used with any club except the driver.  To be able to teach and learn multiple facets of address position and swing movement simultaneously and be able to reduce the learning time curve, it is invaluable.