How difficult is it to learn golf?

Not as difficult as most experts want you to believe. Nor as much as they insist the newest student needs to learn or comprehend.

Is there too little? Sure, just the same as there is too much.

It’s finding the balance that is the key.

The problem is this. Does the student have the desire and/or time to learn too much or are they bored by offering too little?

Millions of people want to learn to play golf.

But what they see is a game inundated with mechanics, terminology, video’s, practice and more practice. Putting, chipping, irons, drivers, short shots, long shots, and of course bunkers. Different swings for different shots = more practice.

The next biggest challenge is – TIME.

Not enough time to learn all the things that help person golf.

So how do we get those millions to the course or improve their golf in less time? By simple, homebrew golf instruction or massive data research and analysis.

Is it the A, B, C’s or Pi =

Golf is made up of 2 kinds of people

Artists and Engineers! 

We are all a blend of both but we all favor one over the other.  Unfortunately, we are being inundated with the latter. Exacerbating the ability to feel comfortable while learning a skill that is on public display. 

Does the information hasten or retard the process?  

The vast majority of golfers are not going to the pro golf tour.  Data acquisition, therefore, is a personal choice rather than need.

Do you want to know that data? 

At some point YES.  But, initially, it’s just a number attached to an oral instruction process. It’s a teaching tool but not THE teaching tool.  Having it didn’t make a better teacher. It only facilitated access to information through another medium in the learning process. 

Did the numbers make the instruction more believable? Or did the visual results provide the answer? 

Golf instructors are entrusted to teach students the simplest way to learn a golf swing. 

Learning always relates back to the BASICS! 

Show me a student who does all these well, and I will show you a student who needs data.

80% of golfers are a 16+ handicap. Only about 50% ever break a score of 90 and 86% break a score of 100. While 14% score 100+.  All the new technology, clubs, or balls are not reducing these numbers and increasing the available raw data is of small comfort.

The golf industry wants you to believe otherwise!  Why?  More Sales = More Money!

We want a better golf swing. NOW!  Unfortunately, nothing or no one in the golf market is capable of delivering that result.

So, tell me again it’s easy to learn a golf swing. Yes, it’s easy to learn a golf swing. 

Just ignore the smoke and mirrors.

Use what’s relevant.  Simple.  Basic.  Easy to understand. 

I may not tell you your ball went 17 yards right – I will just tell you it went right.

If you get to the PGA/LPGA Tour and your ball goes 6 yards right – I will tell you your ball went 6 yards right.

Machines record data. They don’t make swing changes! 

That, my friends, is accomplished between teacher and student!!!