Lessons For LIFE

Helping Save Lives with Every Golf Lesson

Barry Eisenzimmer Golf, Flowing Springs Golf Greens & The Canadian Cancer Society

Presenting the inaugural LESSONS FOR LIFE golf program.

Improve your golf game and help save lives.

$5 from every golf lesson booked in 2018 will be donated to The Canadian Cancer Society.

The money donated will stay in Saskatchewan. The presentation of funds will take place at the 2018 Regina Dragon Boat Festival.

Golf Lessons Regina

Golf Lessons Regina

Barry Eisenzimmer Golf Instruction

Schedule golf lessons in Regina with Barry Eisenzimmer.

About Barry Eisenzimmer

My golf instruction background

There’s never been a better time to get started with golf lessons

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never played golf, haven’t picked up a club in years or play every year

If you like golf, even just a little, but become frustrated with your score or swing, or your not on par (pardon the pun) with your golfing buddies, then why not take a lesson.

  • Coached two Junior Club Champions and a Club Junior Open Champion
  • Coached two city High School Champions (male and female)
  • Coached a 2002 Men’s Club Champion
  • Coached two entrants to qualify at the entry level of the Canadian PGA
  • Instructed many members to career rounds
  • Conducted golf clinics, junior clinics, and corporate clinics throughout Saskatchewan
  • Junior and adult golf instruction at Hillcrest Sports Center, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  • Conducted Adult/Family/Junior winter golf programs for City of Regina
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Regina
  • CTM – Toastmasters International
  • Public speaking seminars on Golf/Business
  • Host for “Talk of the Town”
  • Host/producer for “Golfin Around”
  • Operating Partner of nine hole resort golf facility
  • Certified CPR/First Aid (2005)
  • Public speaking seminars on Golf/Business
  • Host for “Talk of the Town”
  • Host/producer for “Golfin Around”
  • Operating Partner of nine hole resort golf facility
  • Certified CPR/First Aid (2005)

Golf Lesson Programs & Clinics

Private, Group, Family & Corporate Golf Lessons
Golf Lessons Regina

New Dates & Tomes Coming Soon.

Be a Better Golfer with Barry Eisenzimmer

Golf lessons will help correct bad habits, fix your swing path and generally help you shoot better, score less and enjoy golf more. Golf can be a sport you play for 50 years or more. Don’t struggle your whole life with a very enjoyable, rewarding sport.

My goal is to not strip your swing down to the bare basics and build it back up. Unless that is what you want. If you golf 10 to 20 times a year and just want help with a few things, or if you score 82 and want to score 79, Even if you are just starting with golf and any age. I can help you.

Review my clinics and packages below. Contact me to book a golf lesson individually or as a group. If you want something different that isn’t listed below, contact me and we can probably work something out.

Private One On One Golf Lessons

Golf is fun but it can be more enjoyable

Private Golf LessonsSince people have been swinging a stick at a ball there has been someone willing to show them how to do it better. Rather than spending money on golf rounds and becoming frustrated, why not spend some time and money on golf lessons.

Sure you can swing the club, yes you can hit the ball. But how soon into a round of golf are you frustrated? As a result you are no longer keeping score.  Probably lying to yourself by not counting all your strokes. As a result, at the end of the round, do tell your friends you shot a 95 when it should have been a 105? What if you could truly shoot a 95, a 90, an 85?

In conclusion, a better score can be achieved. It starts with a golf lesson. Why spend $500 or $1000 or more on golf equipment and not spend a few dollars on lessons?

Adult Private Golf Lessons

1 Hour Golf Lessons

  • One Golf Lesson – $75
  • Three Golf Lessons – $200
  • Five Golf Lessons – $350
  • 10 Golf Lessons – $550

Half Hour Golf Lessons

  • One Golf Lesson – $50
  • Three Golf Lessons – $135
  • Five Golf Lessons – $200
  • 10 Golf Lessons – $350
Adult Golf Lessons for Groups

Learn to play golf in a group environment

Introductory lessons of the golf swing including putting, chipping/pitching, and full swing mechanics of back-swing, downswing, and finish. The course is designed to be a slow, progressive development of all stages of the golf swing starting with the putting stroke and finishing with the complete swing.

Build your swing gradually with confidence. Whether a beginner who has never swung a golf club or someone who has played and never taken a lesson this course is designed to illustrate the simple mechanics of the golf swing and show you how to improve your swing through instruction, practice and playing.

Includes 4, 1 hour golf lessons. Cost $100 per person

Adult Short Golf Game Clinic

Build confidence where 65% of your strokes are taken

Putting, chipping, and pitching will reduce your scores more than any other area of the game. It’s difficult to have all areas of a golf game working at one time.

A drive is 1 stroke and can travel 200 yards. Missing a 3 foot putt and a tap in is 2 strokes. Learn to read greens, which clubs to use and when.

  • Four, 1 hour lessons.
  • Available in groups of 4
  • Cost: $150 per person
Junior Golf Camp Regina

Learn to play golf outside, not inside on a video game

Regina Junior Golf CampThis half day camp is designed to showcase the two elements of short game and long game to the student. It introduces all the changes to the basics of set up for putting, chipping, and full swings necessary to complete a sound golf shot. This is a well- rounded introductory course for juniors.

When it comes to learning the game of golf, nothing is better than learning it at a young age from a qualified, professional instructor. Our goal is to teach students in a highly-supportive, non-intimidating, and most importantly, a safe environment. While we teach golf techniques and etiquette we do it in a way that lets your kids be kids, which is the most important part of it all.

Your kids might be able to compete in golf in a video game, but what about fresh air, what about learning how to interact with other people and learn how to exercise.

Regina Junior Golf Camp

  • Ages 10 to 18
  • Available to 6 students per session
  • Dates
    • June 6
    • June 13
    • June 20
    • June 27
  • Cost $175

Golf camp includes:

  • 3 hours of golf instruction
  • Lunch
  • Welcome package

Golf Camp Itinerary

Registration – Welcome to Flowing Springs Golf Greens Junior Camp

  • Basics of Putting
    • Pre-shot set up basics
    • Dynamic shot basics
    • Triangle movement
    • Length + Speed = Distance
    • Effect of Slope & Grain of Putt
  • Water Break
  • Basics of Chipping/Pitching
    • Pre-shot set up basics
    • Dynamic shot basics
    • Air/Ground Ratio
    • Club Selection & Impact on Air/Ground Ratio
    • Length + Speed = Distance
  • Water Break
  • Basics of Golf Swing
    • Pre-shot set up basics
  • Basics of Dynamic Swing
    • Take away
    • Down Swing
    • Finish Position
  • Lunch
Golf Consultation & Evaluation Regina

Even professional golfers have coaches and caddies

You can stand in front of a mirror and swing, you can download the latest app to record your swing, but do you know what to look for and how ti fix it?

Evaluations or consultations can be area specific or generalized in more than one facet of the golf swing. The evaluation will be an emailed report of the student’s golf strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement.

The evaluation is not a golf lesson. It is an observation of the student’s current abilities with recommendations for further development strategies. Based on information provided to the instructor and the observations made a developmental plan can be initiated to enable the student to realize their potential.

Possible components of improvement are mental management, course management, swing management, fitness, nutrition, tournament strategy, short/long term goals and strategy to achieve them.

Basic Golf Range Evaluation | 30 minutes – $50
Comprehensive Golf Range Evaluation/Consultation | 60 minutes – $150

Corporate Golf Lessons

Introduce the game of golf to build teamwork

A great follow up opportunity for your staff or clients to enjoy an afternoon of lunch, golf instruction, and 18 holes of golf after a full morning of corporate meetings.

The golf instruction can be tailored to your needs in either short game instruction or full swing mechanics on the driving range.  A full evaluation will be emailed to everyone along with recommendations.

Regina Corporate Golf Clinic includes:

  • Registration | Welcome to Flowing Springs Golf Greens
  • Lunch
  • 1 Hour of Golf Instruction (Short game or full swing)
    • Pre-shot set up basics
    • Dynamic basics
  • Cost: $195 per person

Golf Resources

Links, Videos, Apps & More

Golfing Resources

Where do you start?

With so, so many websites, social media, videos and more it can be very overwhelming to know who to follow about golf.

A “golf-like game” was recorded taking place in the year 1297. Yes, over 720 years ago … and yet there is still new ways to do things in golf, new ways to learn and of course new equipment.

When it comes to equipment, keep this in mind … you still have to be able to swing properly. I can help.

I can also help with a collection of links, golf apps and other resources to help you and your golf game.

Please be sure to review all software and links before using.

Saskatchewan Golf Courses

Thinking of travelling a bit further golf or heading out on a holiday.

Score Golf

Local Golf Courses

Here is a list of public golf courses within an hour or so of Regina.

18 Hole Courses

9 Hole Courses

Par 3 Courses

Golf Apps

Coming soon.

Practice Facilities

Driving Ranges, Putting Greens and Chipping Areas

  • Paisley Golf Oasis | Golf Hitting Mats, Grass Hitting Areas & Sand Trap/ Green Practice
  • Lake View Par 3 | Large Putting Green and an area for chipping to a green

*  The golf courses listed will also have separate facilities/areas for driving, chipping & putting.

Indoor Golf Facilities

These facilities are seasonal. They both have driving range mode where you can hit balls to the screen and receive valuable information about your swing and ball flight.

Golf Blog

Making you think!

Golf Practice Routine

Golf Practice Routine

Setting up a routine will help every aspect of your golf game

For most people, the driving range is enough for them to consider “golfing”. To others who golf at a course, use the range to pound a whole basket of balls with 1 or 2 clubs, most often the 1 Wood / Driver.

Every club in the bag is important. But practicing with 1 club is not going to help your game.

On a regular golf course where par is 72, you might swing your driver 10 or 12 times. With par 3’s, you wouldn’t use a driver and some holes have water hazards prevent the use of the driver off the tee.
If you think about that …
Let’s assume you shoot 100 on a par 72 course.
10 of those 100 swings are with your driver.
The average golfer putts about 36 times (2 putts per hole)
100 – 10 = 90.
That means, 54 swings on the course are with other clubs in your bag.

65% of of your golf shots happen within 150 yards of the cup/pin.

Now … what club do you think you should practice at the golf practice range?
The reason for the practice/driving range is to understand what your swing will do, with each club.
Rarely does every golfer ever hit a true, 100% straight shot. every time.
Knowing what you do with each club will help you on the course.
With each swing on the range, pick a target to aim at. Everything you do on the range should emulate actually golfing on the course. When golfing on the course, you aim (or should be) at areas of the fairway, or areas away from a hazard or the green. If you aim big (from side to side of a large fairway) you will miss big.
If you look down the range/fairway look for a spot you would like your ball to finish. Then look for a tree or other identifier on the horizon to that ideal area. 
Especially at the range, if you are hitting balls down the range and not watching it land. Wow will you know if you are improving your swing?
Before hitting each ball, make yourself a little routine that can transfer to the course. 
  • Place a ball on the tee or on the ground or hitting mat.
  • With your club in hand, stand behind the ball, looking down the range or golf hole
  • Pick your target to aim at, then imagine what the shot will look like as it flies through the air.
  • Take a few practice swings from this position. To get a feel for how feel you will need to swing the club to hit your target
  • Then address the ball (prepare to hit the ball). Align your body/shoulders to your target.
  • Then swing away.
  • Watch the ball flight and the ball landing. Even if it isn’t going where you want it to. Try and learn from it. Then start this routine over again, for each shot.

Once you set up a routine like this on the range, continue it on the course.

It will help you stay focused and prepared for the shot.
After you have bought your bucket of balls and set up at your location on the range … here is a quick list of things to do next:.
  • Stretch/warm up. The golf swing involves a lot of body parts and muscles to execute the proper, comfortable swing.. You can do some at home before leaving to the range as well if you like.
  • Short Shots First. Choose a high loft club from your set, a 9 iron, Pitching Wedge or similar. Take about 15 to 20 balls and loosen up with some short chip shots. Remembering to pick a target down range to aim at. Setting a shot routine as above.
  • Club Up. After you feel warmed up or have hit enough consistent shots. Then you can move on to a 7 iron and hit longer, lofted shots. Remembering to pick a target down range to aim at. Setting a shot routine as above.
  • Continue to Club Up. Depending on how your swing is going, good or bad, you should switch clubs often (like you would on a golf course). Hitting the same club more than 3 times will seldom happen on a golf course. Don’t get caught up in hitting a lot of balls with the same club. Use your own judgement.
  • Finish with the Driver. By the time you have hit enough balls with each club in your bag. From the highest lofted to the least lofted (3 iron or similar). Then you can move into your woods / drivers. If you are golfing right after the range, then chances are your first swing on the course will be with a driver or 3 wood. Set up a driving range routine to where you finish with the club you will use on the first hole. Doing this might provide you with the confidence you need to start your round.

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Please leave a message if I don’t answer, I might be in the middle of a lesson and it’s all about concentration ;-).

My lessons and clinics are normally provided at Flowing Springs Golf Greens. Just 15 minutes northwest of Regina on highway 11 and left on highway 734.

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Regina Golf Lessons

Learning golf makes your game more enjoyable. Eliminate frustration and disappointment today!

We take great pride in helping our students achieve their goals. Barry provides a number of golf lessons and clinics.

Where can I take Golf Lessons in Regina?

Barry teaches golf to all levels of golfers in Regina.

Golf Lessons are held in Spring, Summer, and Fall at Flowing Springs Golf Greens.

Winter Lessons are taught at Divots Indoor Golf.

Golf Glossary

The golf glossary used on this site is courtesy of the PGA website.


Golf Lessons Regina

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